Lily’s Story Part 1 – Meeting Lily


Lily and Amy

This is the story of an appaloosa mare, Lily, and her people, Amy & Brian Morris.

lily and her people

Amy & Brian purchased a lovely farm in Jackson, GA. The property was formerly a horse farm, and although the Morrises are animal lovers, the farm was intended for Brian’s commercial grower’s business.

It has a horse barn and 38 acres of beautiful land. They used the barn storage and equipment, and soon the property was dotted with large greenhouses. Horses were not on the agenda!

One morning Amy looked out her window to find a beautiful horse peacefully grazing on their front lawn. She visited with Lily, then canvassed the neighborhood until she found where Lily lived. The owner came to fetch his horse, and off Lily went.

After this first visit, Lily’s presence became a regular occurrence. She was always friendly, and quietly meandered around their farm eating grass. The Morrises would contact her owner and he would come for Lily. Not having any horse experience, the Morrises didn’t realize that Lily showing up on a daily basis was not a normal thing for horses to do. But they did notice that Lily appeared to be losing weight and was definitely on the thin side.

One morning, as Amy and Brian were preparing to take their two dogs for a walk Lily came towards them up the drive. But instead of her normal grazing pattern, she turned back down the drive. She would stop periodically and shake her head at them. She pranced and stomped her foot at them, and they realized that Lily was trying to get them to follow. Lily led them to a hidden area on her owner’s property where Amy & Brian were horrified to see Lily was leading them directly to her pasture and her DEAD pasture mate. The horse had been dead for some time.

Amy & Brian were horrified at the scene and as they looked beyond the tragedy they saw that Lily’s living conditions were appalling. It was obvious that Lily’s insistence that they follow her was intentional. She had come to them for help. She chose them.

Not knowing anyone in the horse community, the Morris’ did what they thought would be the right thing and called animal control. In addition to inadequate housing for the horses, the owners had dogs tied to trees without shelter and roosters everywhere. The conditions for all of the animals were atrocious. Animal Control responded to their call, but took no action. In the meantime Lily’s visits stopped.

This is the first part in a series of posts about Lily. Check back soon to read the rest of this story!

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