Lily’s Story Part 2 – The Rescue

After the discovery of Lily’s deceased pasture mate and their call to Animal Control, Lily’s visits came to an abrupt halt. Amy and Brian were confident that Animal Control had intervened, and that Lily was now in good hands. They also realized they would not be welcome or allowed on the owner’s property.

Time passed, but the pretty and proud horse haunted Amy and Brian’s thoughts. It was as though Lily was telepathically communicating with them. Soon they found themselves sneaking through the acres of pasture and trees between them to visit Lily. What they found saddened and concerned them. Lily was confined to a very small stall in what can only be described as a shack. Conditions were deplorable. She was thin. Amy and Brian knew Lily was once again calling out for help. They did not know that there was an Equine Division at the Department of Agriculture, and were at a loss for what to do. They continued their discreet visits with carrots in tow, while trying to sort out their dilemma.

But the determined horse was not waiting to be rescued. Lily once again took it upon herself to seek help. Looking out the window one morning, there was Lily on their front lawn. The sight broke their hearts. Lily was dragging a rope tied to her neck that she had managed to break. Her hind legs were hobbled and all four legs were rubbed raw. She had laboriously traveled all the distance between them. She couldn’t have spoken any clearer. Amy & Brian knew they could not allow Lily to go back to this person or she might not survive. Fearful that the owner would harm Lily if he found out she had escaped, they had to come up with a plan to save her. Amy and Brian decided to buy her, but first, they needed to convince the owner to sell. Amy knocked on the neighbor’s door and simply told them they had fallen in love with Lily and would like to buy her. It worked! The deal was sealed and Lily was saved. She would never be in danger again. The life she had chosen was about to begin.

Lily was home at last… but the farm was no longer set up for horses! The Morrises began the transformation of clearing the barn of landscaping equipment and turning it back into a horse barn. Fencing had to be erected, supplies had to be purchased. Being total novice horse owners, they even had to search online for instructions on how to lead a horse! They asked neighbors for advice on feeding, handling, and care. During this time Lily was simply free to come and go as she pleased. This was not a concern because it was clear that Lily had finally made her way to a home where she would be loved and treated with care. She had no intention of going elsewhere.

It was both exciting and intimidating for Amy and Brian, but the sweet horse was gentle and friendly and it felt exactly right… except for one thing. They began to think that Lily must be lonely for a partner, a horse partner. Of course! Lily is a herd animal and needs a herd. Not having any criteria or guidelines on purchasing a horse, they spoke with their neighbors and found Olympia, a very handsome Tennessee walking horse. They were thrilled at the opportunity. Olympia became their second horse, and Lily had a friend. Now they were really a horse farm! Or were they? What was ahead? They saw neighbors riding their horses through the fields and wondered about riding Lily and Olympia. What about saddles, bridles, bits? They were completely unaware of hoof care. They had no knowledge of veterinary care. Neighbors were generous, but not completely knowledgeable. There was so much to learn, where to begin?

lily and olympia with the morrises

This is the second part in a series of posts about Lily. Check back soon to read the rest of this story!

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