Long-lining Clinic

dressage long-lining clinic in McDonough GALong-lining your horse offers many benefits. It fills the gap between lungeing/roundpen work and initial rides; prepares the horse for rider’s aids by the use of long lines simulating leg and hand aids; teaches the horse to accept contact; and teaches the horse to bend, to move forward, change direction, halt, reinback, and perform lateral work. Watch a long-lining demonstration by Sandi.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone interested in learning to long-line – no experience necessary. Appropriate for horses at all levels, including horses not yet started under saddle (horses should already be used to bridle and bit).

COST: $75 for participants, $10 for auditors, pre-registration and payment required

Required equipment: Surcingle and long lines, bridle and bit.

For information please contact Sandi.

(see photos from this clinic)

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