Riding Lessons, Horse Training, and Other Services

We offer horse training and instruction for all disciplines using a foundation of classical dressage and natural horsemanship. Other services including boarding, evaluations, and show coaching are also available to students and training clients.

Available now! Reduced board and lessons in exchange for morning barn work. Must responsible, reliable, and experienced. Learn more about being a working student.

Riding Lessons

Riding lessons in McDonough GaRiding lessons are offered for beginners through advanced. All lessons are private and customized for you and your horse.

Dressage training – Intro through FEI levels, using a classical dressage approach. Show prep and coaching also available.

Western dressage – Drawing on an extensive background in showing stock and western pleasure as well as dressage, Sandi now offers lessons in western dressage.

Foundation building – For riders of all disciplines (western, huntseat, gaited, etc), using natural horsemanship and classical dressage principles. We focus on:

  • Understanding the nature of the horse
  • Developing an independent seat and correct use of aids
  • Learning timing and feel
  • Establishing leadership
  • Creating lightness
  • Encouraging your horse’s athleticism
  • Fostering a true partnership between horse and rider

Complete horsemanship – Especially for beginners and new horse owners, lessons include ground work, fitting of tack, horse health care and management, and more.

A horse trainer and riding instructor for over 40 years, Sandi has extensive experience working with a variety of challenges and unique situations, including:

  • Adult beginner riders
  • Riders returning after a long break
  • Riders dealing with fear and confidence issues
  • Horses with a history of abuse and mishandling
  • Horses with limited, incomplete, or incorrect training
  • Horses of many different breeds and temperaments

$60.00 per private hour on your own horse (boarded here or trailered in); $65 per private hour with one of our lesson horses (when available – advanced riders only). For lessons off-site, travel fee applies.

Contact Sandi for more information and to schedule your lessons.

Ask about our Working Student Program!

Horse training in McDonough GAHorse Training

Riding lesson/training packages with board are available, and can be customized for your needs. Contact Sandi for more information.

Sandi also works with people wanting guidance in training their own horses, including starting young horses.

Horse Boarding

Horse boarding in McDonough GAThe Powder Forest is a small training stable, ensuring each horse gets individualized, personal care. Board includes:

  • 24-7 turnout with stall access
  • 3x meals daily
  • Medications applied as needed
  • Fly control, fly masks, blanketing as needed
  • Holding for trimmer and vet
  • Stalls, paddocks, & pastures cleaned 2x daily

Because space is limited, boarding is currently offered only to students taking lessons and/or horses in training. Custom packages are available.

Available now! Reduced board and lessons in exchange for morning barn work. Must responsible, reliable, and experienced. Learn more about being a working student.

Other Services

Evaluations & Consultations – typically single sessions for the evaluation of a prospective horse, problem solving with a current horse, or a review of current training status. Standard training / lesson rates and travel fees apply.

Show coaching (for current students) – Guidance is given during warm up for classes or in practice arena. $100 per day for one rider, $50.00 per day for two or more riders.

Horse buying assistance – Purchasing a new horse can be a daunting task: conformation, personality, size, color, age, experience, background, training, and health are all part of the decision process. Sandi is able to evaluate potential horses, alleviating much of the stress and time involved, and ensuring that you find the right horse for your needs. Travel fees and 10% finder’s fee apply.

Horse selling assistance – Selling a horse can be challenging and time consuming. Drawing from a lifetime of experience in the horse industry, Sandi is able to promote your horse to the appropriate market and highlight the qualities that will draw the right buyers. Assessing possible buyers for compatibility is also an important aspect in placing your horse with the right person. If commissioned to sell your horse, 10% commission and advertising expenses apply.

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