Training Success Stories

Sandi Forester has worked with many horses and riders, helping owners train their own horses, overcome fears and confidence issues, and take their riding to the next level in many different disciplines.

Read about the success stories of past and current students and training clients in their own words.

Intermediate & Advanced Riders

Jackie and SnickersSandi works with riders looking to advance through the levels of dressage, or who are interested in using classical dressage and natural horsemanship techniques to enhance another discipline. She works with riders of all levels who are experiencing confidence issues, as well as riders who are returning to the saddle after a hiatus.

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Beginners & New Horse Owners

Dale and CalleSandi loves working with beginning riders to develop a strong foundation for any discipline. She often works with new horse owners to understand the basics of horsemanship both in and out of the saddle.

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Young & Green Horses

Dianne and JetSandi works with people who are interested in starting their own horses using a soft, natural approach. In addition to young horses, Sandi also works with older horses who have had little or incorrect training, as well as horses that may be recovering from abuse.

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