Intermediate and Advanced Riders

Read the following stories from Sandi’s intermediate and advanced students. (Then read more from riders with young or green horses or beginners and new horse owners.)

Gail Kopp & Alex, Jonesboro, GA

Gail and AlexI have learned more in the last 2 years of riding with Sandi than in all the 20 years before. My horse Alex has advanced so quickly that he now teaches me. Sandi refined my technical skills and made certain I had an understanding of why these techniques work. As a result I enjoy riding even more and I know that Alex [my horse] is happier.

Bonnie Martin & Baron, Gemara Farm Foxtrotters, Barnesville, GA

Bonnie and BaronI have learned more from working with Sandi Forester for in the last couple years than I learned in the previous 25 years of lessons, seminars, clinics, and readings. She is able to communicate with the horse and rider in clear terms and is an excellent all-around horse woman.

Jackie Asbill & Snickers, Jonesboro, GA

Jackie and SnickersI’d been riding about 25 years before I met Sandi. I had taken lessons from several local instructors with my unpredictable thoroughbred mare. When I met Sandi I was ready to replace her. Sandi helped me make peace with this mare and we went on to enjoy many happy years together. I had to retire her about five years ago, but now Sandi is helping me through the levels with a new horse. I very likely would have quit riding years ago if Sandi hadn’t come along when she did. She knows not only horses so well, but also how to relate to the riders which is what I needed so much. I had over the years become a much more timid and nervous rider. I found that Sandi can talk you through nervousness (you and/or your horse) and build your confidence (you and/or your horse) while improving your riding skills. The rider and especially the horse benefit from Sandi’s influence because she is so caring and thorough in communicating riding skills, management skills, health issues, tack issues, safety and all aspects of horse and rider. I am glad to still have my sassy thoroughbred mare and I am so glad to still be learning more as I work with my new horse. I’d have none of this without Sandi’s dedicated help.

Kirsten Eidsmoe & Draoi, Atlanta, GA

Kirsten and DraoiAfter a 10 year hiatus from riding, it seemed like the only things I remembered were my bad habits. I finally had my dream horse, but without Sandi, I don’t think it would have had a happy ending. I was a nervous, timid rider, with a sensitive horse who quickly started reacting to my anxiety. I am forever grateful to Sandi for her insistence on building a strong foundation, for not cutting corners in training, and for her infinite patience. She was able to see just where were were going wrong, and help me understand my horse better. Through Sandi’s guidance, I’ve developed my riding skill and gained back the confidence I needed. Draoi and I are learning to trust each other, and he’s becoming the dressage partner I always wanted.

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